How to reset "energy" in Aeon Smart energy switch


I’m working on a smartapp and I want to reset the “energy” (kwh), to zero, when the Aeon Smart energy switch is turned off. This functionality is available on my android SmartThings app (Things > switch > “Right Now” tab > “RESET KWH.” I cannot put my finger on the documentation for this command. Thanks for the guidance.

(Ben Lebson) #2

You should be able to call the command device.reset() where ‘device’ is the selected switch.


It appears that “device.reset()” resets the whole device and but in the following configuration the switch stays ON without reporting the energy used:

I note that the android app says “reset KWH” so it must be a different command.

I cannot find any documentation about using “device.reset()” on a smart switch like the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch.

My purpose is to merely reset the KWHs.

(Paul D) #4

Does the reset even work in the SmartThings app ? Doesn’t do anything here using the iOS app.


Yes I have a couple of these using ST hub v 1.

(Daniel Goad) #6

I have a 1st generation that I reset manually on my iPhone. Let me look at my code and I will send.