How to reset "energy" in Aeon Smart energy switch

I’m working on a smartapp and I want to reset the “energy” (kwh), to zero, when the Aeon Smart energy switch is turned off. This functionality is available on my android SmartThings app (Things > switch > “Right Now” tab > “RESET KWH.” I cannot put my finger on the documentation for this command. Thanks for the guidance.

You should be able to call the command device.reset() where ‘device’ is the selected switch.

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It appears that “device.reset()” resets the whole device and but in the following configuration the switch stays ON without reporting the energy used:

I note that the android app says “reset KWH” so it must be a different command.

I cannot find any documentation about using “device.reset()” on a smart switch like the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch.

My purpose is to merely reset the KWHs.

Does the reset even work in the SmartThings app ? Doesn’t do anything here using the iOS app.

Yes I have a couple of these using ST hub v 1.

I have a 1st generation that I reset manually on my iPhone. Let me look at my code and I will send.