How to reset a Osram Lightify A19 Bulb without deleting from your ST Hub

1: Assuming you’ve paired it to your Hub already & the reason for resetting it is due to it not responding correctly. If so proceed to step 2 , if not stop here this reset is not for you.

2: Leave your bulb configured in your’e ST hub don’t even open your ST App, & proceed to step 3.

3: Physically reset your light by either the lamp switch (as long as not a three way switch) or by unplugging your power cord 5 times & plugging it back in as so the light turns on (waiting 3 sec in between cycles). After the 5th time your light will confirm reset by blinking & changing colors. If so proceed to step 4 if not stop here & redo step 3.

4: Open your ST App on your phone select connect new device, then select lights & switches, then select bulb, then select OSRAM & pick your correct bulb & connect now. Once your bulb blinks proceed to step 5, if your bulb doesn’t blink start at step 3 again.

5: Your bulb just blinked however connecting doesn’t see the device, don’t worry this is a correct response. Close the connect now screen & go to the Things screen on your App, you should see your lightbulb there. Turn on & off testing it to make sure it’s working correctly & if it is your done Stop Here. If it is not proceed to step 6.

6: If this is your second time doing either step 3, 4, or 5 & nothing is working then you need to delete the Bulb from the ST Hub & re-pair it following the instructions that came with your lightbulb.


It’s up to you, but if you have several bulbs not responding, the very first thing I would try, before your step one, is to unplug the hub and take its batteries out and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes. When you put it back on power all of your zigbee address tables should then rebuild. This by itself can correct many problems. :sunglasses:

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Yes good point & very true.

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When you reset the bulb, do you wait until it turns on (might light takes like five seconds to turn on) or start counting when you flip the switch on?