One of my lightify GU10 is staying on constantly

I have 3 Osram Lightify GU10 lamps all on one bank with no Osram hub. Worked fine. I’m in UK.

Now for some reason one of them had gone funny and is staying on constantly.

Does it need re-adding to ST again? I’ve deleted the offending lamp, bit now do I readd again, and as all on one bank/same switch controlling them, will I need to do all 3 or physically remove the ok ones until I reset?


I would remove the 2 that are still working since they are all on the same switch. Unless you are fast enough to reset the one not working by pulling it out, putting it back into the socket to reset it.

You can try just shutting off the power to the entire strip for a few minutes, then turning it back on. That will ( should ) force the bulbs to try and reconnect to the hub. If that doesn’t wake up the frozen bulb than I would take the 2 that are working out of the fixture. Reset the malfunctioning one with the switch. Do NOT remove it from ST. Once bulb flashes to show it has been reset, have ST searching for devices and wait for it to flash showing it was found. If it doesn’t powercycle it once. ST will not acknowledge that it found a new device, since bulb is not new. Once you can control that bulb with ST, put the other 2 back into the fixture and they should all be working again.

Oh I’ve already deleted it out of the ST iOS app…

So sorry what should I do now? remove the 2 ok, from the light fittings, and try to reset the not working one? (3 secs on/off x 5 - is that correct?)

Then try and find it in the “things” on the ST app again?


Yes , but since you already deleted it from ST , you will have to put it back in all your automations & routines

Ah I see, so really you should never delete a device from ST because of the routines and smartapps they are in?

I managed to add it again, removed working ones from fitting, reset, and now going through automation to re-add the missing bulb…


ZigBee devices network ID is embedded in the device itself by manufacturer. So it will be identified as the same device by hub.
Z-wave device ID is issued by the hub. If a Z-wave device fails go into the device in ST app & click replace. It will try to reconnect to it. If it can’t it will say ready to replace. Then you can do Z-wave exclusion to reset & replace the failed device with the same device & all automation will remain

Oh a little complicated there for me! I will monitor and hope it doe what I want then from now. Wonder what happened then?

Well got up this morning and the same light was on again whereas the others in the same bank were off. Probably been on all night…

Anything I can do?

Did it drop from ST again , or can you turn it off through app ? Any chance there is a problem with the socket so that 1 bulb is getting power fluctuation ? I had 1 GE bulb driving me nuts constantly dropping off and needing to be reset. Further investigation revealed a loose wire inside the light socket . Try playing musical chairs with the 3 bulbs, see if it is that bulb or that light socket that drops off next time.

It’s a bug. In Osram bulbs. I have the same thing. SmartThings released ota updates for Osram products if you’re lucky enough to live in America, the U.K. has to wait.

I’m in the UK, and don’t use the Lightify hub, They are just direct to the ST hub. I read that you can update the firmware on them if you have the Lightify hub though.

So are saying that if they are not connected to the Lightify hub it won’t update? and why only US? How do I see what firmware version is?

Is there some official documentation from ST about this? Specifically that is in US but not UK as I’ll email ST UK and ask why as I’m having problems.


ST has started updating Osram firmware, however I do believe that it is only the US bulbs at this point.