GoControl Garage

I have two gocontrol devices to control my garage doors and they have been installed for about 3 years. One of them no longer works on the smart things app (I have the new app). I have unplugged the device, I have excluded it and also used the button to try to add it back in. It actually shows up under the list of devices for my home but not under the list under my home with all of my devices and pictures (like it used to). When I try to use it you can hear it beeping but nothing happens. Also when I push the button to start the linking process it takes multiple tries to even get the link button to start blinking and then it times out (it seems) and I get a notice on the app saying it cannot link the device.

You Might be interested in this thread. There is a fix if your willing to solder

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I wouldn’t worry if it’s joined correctly or not right now. What you describe is a known failure of the GoControl module.

If you’re good with a soldering iron - or know someone who is here’s the fix: Alternative to GoControl / Linear. 2nd unit failed. Done with these things

Can you explain this? These devices have a very sensitive antenna. Sometimes it helps to do a factory reset, change the mounting orientation and then pair it. Also try adding a repeater close to these devices if the hub is far away.