How to remove phone as presence sensor?

Is there a way to remove my mobile phone as a presence sensor? It sensed arrival and departure perfectly for years, but yesterday I made a ton of edits to the Mobile Presence device type and changed the image a bunch of times, now there’s a long delay in its sensing. I thought maybe if I remove it and re-add it it’ll work like it used to.

The remove instructions are in the knowledgebase article on adding:

iPhone X shipping Nov, 3. JD is going to kill me. :slight_smile:

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Hoping for a better GPS/location service. :frowning:

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I admire the iPhone X, but can’t afford it. I have one of those automatic upgrade programs so I will switch to the iPhone eight in a month or so. Because, you know, shiny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Missus is eligiible for upgrade during that period. i am bringing her flowers and chocolates every alternate day to make a switch on upgrade. On a personal note, miss you every day and how much i miss learning from you. JD rocks!

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Miss you too, buddy, good to hear from you again! :sunglasses:

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what we learnt from you in the past 3 yrs plus is phenomenal. Now Rachel Maddow. :wink:

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Go to My Home, select your phone in there and once it opens click the gear icon and then Remove.

I can remove my Android phone as a presence sensor but after I delete it, it comes right back auto-magically.