Delete or Remove Mobile Iphone as a presence sensor in Smarthings

I searched and found that if I click on home, devices, select presence sensor, click on gear icon and remove, but it does not work! I also checked and ensured to remove all pistons, or programs accessing this sensor. It is an iphone and for the life of me just cannot remove it. I also tried in the IDE/devices and delete and it won’t allow it to be deleted.

I think I read somewhere a little while ago how to do this “trick” to remove the iphone presence sensor, but I forgot where I read this and did not bookmark.

Any tips or ideas?

I’m also trying to remove my mobile present sensors. I’ve tried from the Classic App and IDE. They just won’t remove. I’ve contacted support but have not heard anything from them.

This is driving me nuts. I’m spending way to much time on this issue.

There is nothing attached to the THING.

  1. Uninstall the ST app on your mobile device
  2. Using an incognito/private tab in your browser, login to IDE at
  3. Go to My Devices
  4. Open the presence sensor and click delete

May or may not remove the device in which case you will need to wait for support.

Thanks for the reply. Tried what you reccommended however it still will not delete any Mobile Present Sensors… How long does it take to support to reply?

I do not know the answer. Calling and speaking to support is generally faster than email.

Roger that… I will try to call