How to remove Life 360 app

(Cathy) #1

I think I’m posting in the right category.
For some reason Life 360 shows up 4 times in “My Apps”. I tried deleting them from my Android cell, from the IDE to no avail. I uninstalled and re installed the ST app and rebooted my cell. I even uninstalled the Life360 app and rebooted my cell. When I tap the settings for Life 350, it just goes back to the My Apps screen. BTW, the Life 360 shows up in ST Labs, too and I can’t delete those either.
I removed the person that the Life 360 app was tied to, too.
I keep getting an error saying that the app is in use or I don’t have rights. I am the admin for both ST & Life 360.

Does anyone know a way I can delete, please?

(Aaron) #2

Contact support and they’ll deauthorize it from your account on the backend. Sometimes these things get stuck.