How to remove Life 360 app?

Hi guys, good day/afternoon/night!

I’m trying to remove life360 app but am getting error.

1 - Tried via ios and android smartapp and got “an unexpected error occurred”.
2 - Tried via IDE (installed smartapps page) using normal and private browser session and got “there was an error uninstalling your smartapp”.
3 - Tried to open a ticket with Samsung to request they disconnect the life360 service and their response was “, I can definitely do this for you, but this would require me removing all of your associated automations, such as webCoRE and more. If that’s exactly what you were looking to do”

This is so frustrating… Any other ideas??

Many thanks in advance,
Marcelo Franco.

With item #2 above, try logging into IDE in an incognito/private tab.

You have to remove the life360 presence devices first then remove the Smartapps.


Hi @jkp, I tried already and the behavior was the same. :frowning:

Hi @Navat604, will try this and notify this thread. thanks.

@Navat604, your solution worked! Tks!

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