Can't Delete Life360

I had life360 transfer over from the classic app and had no issues. Recently started having a problem with recognizing the life360 people-devices coming/going, so I decided to replace it with the community created DH, etc. First step was delete the old linked service. When I try to delete from the app right from the Linked Services main screen, I get the message “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” When I select the life360 service and try to delete from the selection (top right, 3 dots), nothing happens. I did notice that after either one of these delete attempts, the associated person-devices were removed from the app! I saw in one reported issue, that the person-devices need to be removed. So I tried to deselect the life360 users, but you can’t - there must be at least one. Then I tried to delete the life360 devices from the IDE, and get a very long error message that says:

Hibernate operation: could not update: []; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [update installed_smart_app_data set version=?, data_type=?, encrypted=?, installed_smart_app_id=?, name=?, value_string=? where id=? and version=?]; SQL state [25S03]; error code [0]; (conn=396947) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed out; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: (conn=396947) Communications link failure with primary host Connection timed out

I tried deleting and reinstalling the smartthings app, deleting and reinstalling the life360 app, staying logged out of the life360 app, none of that helped delete life360. And finally tried deleting the app from IDE/location/installedSmartApps but there’s no mechanism to delete from there.

I’d truly love some advice!


you should be able to click Edit at the top of the page under the banner, then click Uninstall to the right of the Life360 (connect) field, then click Done at the top. Doubt it will work since it is not in other attempts you tried.

go to the devices section in IDE and make sure all the life360 devices (presence sensors) have been removed first.

That’s what gives me the ide error message, trying to remove the presence sensors. I called them person-devices lol.

not much advice to offer… only the usual…

login to IDE at using an incognito/private tab using your master samsung account and not a shared one.

also make sure there are no custom apps for life360 in the smartapps section.

Well your advice was spot-on! I don’t understand it, but going to an incognito tab allowed me to delete the individual presence sensors associated with life360, and then to delete the linked service. After that, adding the tmleaf DH and SmartApp was a piece of cake and everything is now operating as it was! Thanks!!!