How to RE-pair OSRAM Lightify Flex strip?

I was recently given a set of OSRAM 73661 lights. These were previously paired with a different (unknown) hub. How do I pair them with mine now? I saw somewhere that I power them on/off for 2 seconds 5 times (10 second total time) to put them back in pairing mode - I tried that, it didn’t work.

How do I REpair these?

It should be 5 seconds on and 5 seconds off, 5 times.

Then how long until the device should be recognized? I just did the cycle twice and I still don’t have it working:

  • off (beginning state)
  • on (5 sec)
  • off (5 sec)
  • ^ 4 more times
  • on (ending here, leaving it on)

oh… does the flex strip blink if I’m successful? I did NOT get any blinking.

I don’t know if it will blink if successful.
I believe all Osram lights do, but can’t say for sure.

Looks like they do. I was counting in my head before and found to help me time the cadence better. I did 7 loops to ensure I got into the looping properly and I feel like after about a 20 second final ON stage (after the 7th cycle) the strip blinked and then paired!

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So, I just had this same issue. No matter how many times I tried, I was unable to get a reset while counting by myself.

Finally, I used to time my steps and it worked the first try. Just plug/unplug on the beep, whether the lights come on or not (there’s a delay).

Just FYI for some future Osram Flex traveler.

How do you know what number they are…ie:73661…???

I did the 5 on 5 off cycle a bunch of times…no flashing or anything…followed the YouTube link for the timer and all…my smartthings hub does not pick it up…???

If that 73661 number comes from the bottom right of the sku on the box then mine is the same…