How to move smartapps to my location


I have deleted my hub today and started over because of trouble with the migration to the new app.

My problem is with installing smartapps from Github repository. I have managed to link GitHub and Smartthings and also innstalled the smartapp from GitHub that I want. I have also published it for me. The problem is that when I log in to smartthings IDE page and to my smartapps the app showes fine and installed, but when I choose my location this smartapp isnt installed.

How do I move the smartapp to my locations smartapps. When I go into the new app I cant see this new app. Only webcore that I have installed earlier today.

Hope someone can help:)

Regards Jon

Are you logging in at

Edit: corrected my typo on the link above :slight_smile:


It looks that maybe I see this when i log in to this page:

and when i choose my hub I am redirected to the page you linked to.

Does this mean I logged in to the old IDE page? And the smartapp is installed the wrong place.

Is it possible to link GitHub to the new IDE page? Couldnt see any add Github integration on the smartapp page.

The SmartThings IDE used to be accessed via As they expanded they introduced multiple regional ‘shards’. The original one was known as NA01 and remained accessible on the old IDE URL. Your account seems to have been assigned to EU01. ST arranged for to redirect to the IDE on the correct shard, but that fact still hasn’t made it to some old documentation, so if you use the original URL you end up in the wrong place (unless you happen to come across the redirect as you did).

So what you have there is GitHub connected to the NA01 shard where you have installed the Virtual Thermostat, but unfortunately you need it to be on EU01 where you already have webCoRE but no GitHub.

For whatever reasons, my UK Samsung accounts are both on North American shards (even one only created this year) so I don’t get to see how the UK/EU one behaves. It was once said that GitHub integration didn’t work outside the US but I thought that was long since fixed. I’d be tempted to make sure you logout of the IDE, and then use to login to the IDE again, just in case anything is confused. It may be you need to disconnect from GitHub first. I don’t know.

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Thanks! This clarified a lot. I have know managed to install Github on the correct IDE page. Was a separate link I found on the forum to link Github.

My system is up and running!