How to make ST thermostat show up as a thermostat in Google Assistant

This is a fairly specific technical question, but I was hoping to get an answer. I have a SmarThings v2 Hub and I’ve integrated it with Google Assistant/Google Home. Most things work just fine. However, my doesn’t connect quite right. Here’s the problem: When I add my thermostat to SmartThings, then sync that device over to Google Assistant, Google doesn’t see it as a real “Thermostat” device. Instead it sees it as an “AC Unit/Heater”. One of the problems with this is that I can’t use Google Assistant routines to set the thermostat because Google Assistant doesn’t think I HAVE a thermostat. To see the specifics of what I’m talking about, look here: I believe my Thermostat is getting the “action.devices.types.AC_UNIT” and “action.devices.types.HEATER” device types INSTEAD OF the “action.devices.types.THERMOSTAT”. This is a problem. Am I doing something wrong? If not, what should I do? I’m using this custom device handler ([RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat (CT-30/CT-50/CT-80/CT-100/CT-101/CT-110/ZTS-110/ZTS-500/GoControl/Honeywell/Universal) Device Handler with Battery, Humidity, Lock Controls, Clock Set, Alarm, Swing/Temp, Deadband Configuration and Updated UI), but I’ve switched it to a few different device handlers and it hasn’t made a difference.

This is a very subtle difference, but it makes a big difference in how I use SmartThings/Google Assistant. Please help. :slight_smile:


Have the same problem…

Currently working with SmartThings support. I’ll keep people updated.