Danfoss Thermostats don't show up when authorizing Google Assistant

When I try to authorize Google Assistant to access the things connected to my Smartthings, I only see lights but not thermostats, as you can see bellow…

Any idea why my Danfoss LC13 Thermostat, works fine other than that, doesn’t show up in that list?

What capabilities does your custom thermostat Device Type Handler use?

As long as the thermostat implements capability thermostat it should show up.

name: "thermostats",
type: "capability.thermostat",
title: "Which thermostats? (list will be empty if you have no devices)",
multiple: true,
required: false
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I don’t know. How can I tell? This device type exist out of the box. It’s not a custom one.

Any idea? I don’t see anything about capabilities around.

I notice that my thermostats don’t appear as switches in Routines or SmartApps (eg. Climate Control) either, even though there appear in ‘My Home’ and can be added as favorites on the dashboard and they can be controlled form there.

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So, nobody has a clue? This is the out of the box driver for Danfoss LC13. Shouldn’t it just work and include that ‘tharmostat’ capability mentioned by @Tyler already?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: Can you show us a screenshot of your IDE so we can see exactly what device type this device is using?

I think I have the screenshot already in my first post

I think I figured out what’s going on here.

Our official Device Type Handler for the Danfoss LC13 doesn’t include the capability “thermostat” as it causes a confusing user experience in some areas, like Routines. In this case, it’s actually preventing it from showing up in this list as well.

My recommendation for an immediate fix would be to install a custom Device Type Handler that includes the capability “thermostat”. Here’s an example.

I’ll ping one of our Engineers and see if we can fix this on our end as well.

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I just tried this. It does have the capability so it appears now on my google home. However when I try to control it, google home says that the device is off and cannot make adjustments. Also, with the Smartthings app I can set the temperature of the thermostat however I cannot set it from the hardware buttons on the thermostat anymore. After a while the value I select is overridden by the value set in the Smartthings app. So this driver doesn’t exactly work, regardless of google home anyway.
I do like the slider that it has to set the temperature. I wish the out of the box driver had that as well, instead of the plus/minus buttons. Much faster to set the temperature with a slider, especially when you want to set the temperature form 23 to 15 degress. With the out of the box driver you need to press the button 16 times!

@Tyler, so what’s up with this one? Any news on the official device handler to support this? All the other device handlers are kind of incomplete, as I described above.

I bought smartthigns to control my lights and heating, exactly because Danfoss is supposed to be supported. It seems they are poorly supported though.

Can you please fix this issue? Winter is approaching…

I’m working on it! It’s a quick fix but we need to make sure it doesn’t break anything else. I’ll try and get it in soon.

Awesome, thanks!
Would it be too much to ask to change those up/down buttons to a slider, like other similar device handlers are doing? It’s very inconvenient to hit up 10 times to turn the temperature up by 5 degrees. Another idea would be to have ON/OFF buttons and define in configuration the temperature that correspond to ON and OFF.

ps… let me know when I can help with the testing.

No, we won’t be changing it to a slider. The slider mechanism is inherently inaccurate, so it’s difficult (or impossible) to land on a specific value. We’ve received a ton of complaints over time about the slider mechanism, which is why we’re moving to use up/down arrows, including in the new Samsung Connect app.

I understand. The problem is still there though. Hitting the button ten times to raise temperature by 5 degrees doesn’t make sense either. How about that on/off idea? Or perhaps additional buttons with +1 +2 +5 and -1 - 2 - 5?

Any update on this? It seems the LC13 isn’t availbale in any SmartApp. I wonder why I can switch on a light in a Routine, but not change the setPoint of the LC13?

No update yet, I’m continuing to be noisy about this one :slight_smile:

Look, I switched to Smarthings from OpenHab because I saw that my devices are supported, but now I see that…

  1. Using the thermostats with Google Assistance - not possible
  2. Using the thermostats in routines - not possible
  3. Using the thermostats in smartapps (Keep Me Cozy, It’s Too Cold etc) - not possible

The only thing that is possible is pressing a button 20 times to turn them on. I wouldn’t call this "Smart"things exactly!

If you don’t want to do this then at least open the device handler code and let somebody else do this. It’s already getting cold and I cannot properly control my heaters!