How to make my non-switched ceiling light, switched?

Right now in my bedrooms, the switch controls an outlet, not the ceiling fan/light. Is like to remove the fans and use light fixtures, but I’d also like the switch to control the lights.

My current thinking is to use a zwave switch, and a micro switch in the light fixtures box. I’d set it up so when the switch is on, the micro switch also turns on.

Is this a feasable plan? Or should I re-wire the switch and stick with the smart switch to replace the current dumb one?

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That is definitely possible. You could also just add an Amazon Echo Dot in the room, and use voice control to turn on/off the embedded micro switch in the ceiling/light fixture. There are also wall-mountable “button controllers” that you could use.

However, your original idea is probably the most reliable. I just tried it using an existing GE Z-Wave wall switch and a GE Link light bulb. Within the Smart-Lighting native ST app (which runs locally on the v2 hub as long as both devices also have local Device Handlers) I simply configured it to turn on/off the bulb based on the switch state. Since all of the devices run locally, and the Smart Lighting apps also runs locally, the response time was very quick. It would also still work if your internet connection was down.

Make sure the switch and micro-switch are supported locally within the ST V2 Hub!

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