Ceiling fan and light control at the switch

I’ve been looking to start home automation and like most I want to start with lights with ST being my hub. Despite searching all over I can’t find information for what I want to do.

I want to be able to control from a connected light switch both ceiling fan function (on/off) and the light on the ceiling fan (w/dimmer). Is there a switch out there like that or will I have to install two separate wall switches? I apologize up front for the ignorance on this subject…I’m probably leaving out pertinent info needed. Thanks.

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First, do they allow you to modify switches like this in your prison cells? I figured that wouldn’t be allow… but maybe it’s a minimum security prison thing I guess. (Yeah, that’s a lame attempt at a joke…)

Second, I’ve yet to find anything that will do this. You’ll likely have to use two switches for this. In my three bedrooms I have ceiling fan/light combos with a separate ‘hot’ line for light and fan. The fan is “always hot” and then is controlled by the pull chain. The light is connected to a wall switch that I’ve replaced with an evolve z-wave dimmer. This works well enough to turn on and off the lights, but the fan is still controlled via the pull switch.

I’ve thought about putting in relays for the fan controls for simple on/off control. Speed would still have to be determined via chain pull. And I’d have to put in another switch of some sort to communicate with the relay to be able to turn it on/off remotely. Not sure what I’d use for that yet.

@chrisb for your “fan relay” you could use the Aeon Labs Micro In-Wall Switch. The module allows you to optionally connect an external switch through a low-voltage terminal. That way, you can use no switch at all (remote control only), hook up existing wall switches, or add a new switch.

To get back to the original question: I don’t know of any hardware that would allow you to switch two different loads. Can you fit two of those Aeon Labs Micro In-Wall Switches in your gang box? They are small, 2x2 inches, and relatively low-profile.

I have no idea why this isn’t on the market yet. It seems like such a common switch type in houses. My house has 3 fans and they all have a fan/light combo switch. It’s annoying not being able to just do a direct replacement.

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