How to listen to music with Bose SoundTouch 30 and Google Home?

My problem is not related to Smartthings, but I was hoping to be able to find a solution with the use of smartthings

I have Bose SoundTouch 30, Smartthings hub and wifi googgle network. Now I ask, what more can you do with Smartthings that you couldn’t before? I still haven’t been able to decide which music to listen to by asking google home. Anyone have any advice for me? I have a Spotify premium account, but with this I can only play music on google home vith voice or google home app, or Echo dot Alexa with the voice or Alexa app. not Bose. No way to hear it on the bose.
This problem bothered me even before buying a Smartthings hub, I was hoping with this I could somehow solve it, but again, I still haven’t found a way to be able to continue listening to spotify music on the Bose, without having to use its stupid app . The bose has 6 memorable buttons, but it is not possible to memorize “the music you are listening to” but only an artist, a song, or a specific playlist.

connect a chromecast audio to the sound touch ? would that work ?

Yes, but no :blush:. I use this solution with ChromeCast in other house for the same problem with my Onkyo home theatre connect with HDMI, but in my bedroom the Bose haven’t HDMI and I need connect with 3.5 jack audio, and put on the Bose with modified sourse in aux. No a food solution.

virh app ST i see the Bose… :thinking: With my voice is impossible to use :frowning:

I connected my Bose Revolve to a chromecast audio through bluetooth and a bluetooth transmitter. Using chromecast, I can cast any of the services that you can cast on a google home as well. (For the record, I prefer Pandora over Spotify. It seems to recognize my playlists better when I ask google for them)

Using this and the chromecast API, not only does it play music… I can use it as an announcement speaker as well.

Since the Soundtouch isn’t a portable device, you could use the aux input maybe and forego the bluetooth connection. (I think you can still get a chromecast audio on E-bay) If you are interested, this is the bluetooth transmitter I used:

This is not a good solution for me. My Bose have Bluetooth and I can connect one google home mini with Bose by voice, but I
was looking for something known that could work directly, without further tricks. That hassle. But tell me what you were saying about ChromeCast Api? I don’t know but I’m interested in being able to send sound announcements

So, you can look into this for using it standalone as an announcement speaker:

I did not have that option because mine is not a sound touch.

As to the chromecast API, The directions are here: However, if hooking up a chromecast audio is too much hassle, you are probably not going to want to try that. It is a bit more involved.

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thanks, yes I already use the sound touch announcement, I misunderstood, I thought I could do it with google home.
Chromecast API it seems too complex for my computer skills.