Google Home + Bose Soundtouch


Since Bose Soubtouch does not support Spotify free but google home does.
Is it possible we request GH cast the Spotify free to Bose Soundtouch via ST?


Since when can u cast Spotify free on gh. You mean from device ? Or by invoking google assistant Voice command. I know you can cast to any cast capable device directly from within Spotify app or casting whole screen from Google home app. If bose soundtouch is cast enabled then you should be able to cast spotify to it. You just can’t invoke Spotify using Voice commands with a free account (Unless something has changed recently… I moved to googleplay music)

Or am I missing something?

Cast the Spotify Free from GH to Bose Soundtouch via ST
GH could cast directly to Bose Soundtouch?

Unless the device in question (soundtouch) has a built in chromecast (would say Google cast or cast enabled or chromecast built in) then you can’t directly “cast” to it. If the soundtouch doesn’t have chromecast capability then the only quick and dirty way would be to pair to Google home using Bluetooth (assuming soundtouch has bluetooth) and then cast that way (by casting to gh with bt connection to bose). The other option is to buy chromecast and connect that to 3.5mm audio.

Afaik you cannot invoke Spotify casting using Voice commands on the free version (Unless something has changed recently/regional difference), only on subscription version. However you can cast using the Google home app by casting screen/audio, but this is a direct cast from your phone… so all notification sounds would come thru and Spotify would play on your phone with audio routed to cast enabled device. With premium the cast enabled device directly streams the Spotify audio…

Also still trying to find a reliable way to handle casting with St… atm not great due to Google api limitations

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I just receive my GH today, it cannot play music on Soundtouch :sweat:

But i still able to turn the soundtouch on/off via GH.

Anyone has idea on how to ask GH change on Preset or Volume?
I could not make it works… :tired_face:

Yep same problem here, but instead of using GH I just paired my Android phone to Soundtouch using Bluetooth, and am using “ok google” to drive Spotify to output music on the Lifestyle system. Same end result, though had to turn off mike on the GH otherwise i was getting both GH and mobiel responding to my commands!