Play Spotify with google home to Onkyo and Bose, is possible?

I’m looking for a way to stream music at home but can’t find a solution.

At home I use google home as voice assistants.
I use Spotify Premium as a music streaming.
With my voice then I can start music directly on a specific google home or google home mini, or Chromecast, but not to my Bose SoundTouch 30 or Onkyo 636 although these are compatible with spotify by controlling them via their app, or via the spotify app from my phone.
Is there any alternative method to be able to do it without using other devices? (for example in the living room I can do it with a chromecast connected to the Onkyo, I know, but I would prefer to find a direct solution).

I would simply like to be able to continue the music I was listening to, without having to choose. Among google home this is possible, with bose and onkyo no verbally, but only through the spotify app.

The bose is also compatible with ST, but there is no “continue the music you were listening” function, only you can choose to play one of the six customized keys with a particular playlist or radio station saved.
If anyone has any ideas, I am grateful to them