Bose + Google Assistant commands

I have SmartThings and my Bose Soundtouch speakers working together. The smartthings app can turn the speakers on, change stations (at least between the presets) and adjust the volume, but Google Assistant seems to only know how to turn the device on and off. Am I using the wrong commands with GA or is on/off all it can do?

Hi, I’ll be interested in this thread as I have similar set up,

Is there anyone from SmartThings on this board? I don’t think my question is very complicated, but two months have passed with no answers?

I am very happy with the way I have been able to set up my home and manage it through SmartThings. I was excited when I saw my Bose speakers in the ‘Works with…’ list, since the integration between Google Assistant and Bose Soundtouch is lacking so far (this is a Bose failure).

Can anyone help me get the most of the current SmartThings / Soundtouch connectivity?

Any progress on above question? Was considering purchasing smarthings hub and a major reason is between soundtouch and assistance.

I have a similar configuration, ST + Bose + GH. However, whereas ST recognizes the Bose speaker as a “speaker” and can adjust volume, change presets and turn it on and off, GH only recognizes it as a “switch” that can only be turned on and off. While that did not change (GH support of Bose speakers) GH would not be able to do anything else but turning it on and off … my 2 cents