How to - light automation

Hi guys,
not sure how to achieve what I would like to have set up.
I have Smartthings motion sensor + IkeaTradfri bulb. It was not problem to connect both of them to my Smartthings hub and they works. Bulb can be turned on/off, light color chnaged also also intensity (brightness). They also work tohether, I was able to setup automation to turn on bulb when motion is detected.
But what I would like to achieve - to turn the bulb on during night (I can define time) when someboty enters bathroom with intensity on certain % (I would like to setup something like 10-20%) > even this I am not able to setup with autiomation SmartLighting SmartApp I used.

And btw guys, how do you manage smart bulbs without App? So for example if somebody turn off and on the physical switch is it the only way how to turn it off to use App? Or some kind of automation is possible also here?
It is little bit confusing because you can control bulb over App, but also use physical switch

Thanks for all replies

At the top of the Smart Lighting rule, change it from “On” to “On and Set level”. Thsi will let you set the brightness.

People do different things for bulbs without the app. I personally never put bulbs on a circuit with a wall switch. I always use a smart switch in this case. For lamps with bulbs, most of them I have setup a remote they can be operated with.