Disable Light Switch and Bulbs?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this in the Smartthings apps? I’ve tried a few times to set this up but haven’t had any luck. Here is my case - I have my lights setup to turn off automatically several times during the night at certain points in time. But my son wakes up to use the bathroom, etc and is scared of the dark and will always turn on his room lights. Because of this he never gets enough sleep because the lights cause him to basically wake up for good.

He has several night lights in his room and in the bathroom that give him adequate light to do what he needs to do without fully waking him up, but he always turns on the main lights. I’m trying to create an automation so that during a certain time range, if he turns on a light, the light will automatically turn off. If that can’t be done, how do I disable a switch/bulb altogether using automations?

Have it turn light off after 1 min when in night mode

Smart lighting can probably handle what you want for a connected bulb. You can just set the light automation to not to run in certain modes. For a switch it becomes more difficult. They can’t be disabled, that I know of, maybe there are some switches out there that can be but all I have are the GE/JASCO and they cannot.

As suggested above about all you can do is set a switch to immediately turn back off if it is turned on in certain modes. You may be able to do that with the new apps automations, but I haven’t really played with them that much so I don’t know what it is capable of. You could do it with Webcore. It would be a simple piston to create.

So a couple options I can see assuming everything is smart

  1. have the switch not directly control the light and have it turn it on via SmartThings, this allows you to disable it at night.

  2. set the light to come on dimmed via motion sensor at night, then turn off after motion ends

  3. if it’s a normal switch add in another switch into the circuit that’s outside of the room you can turn off at night. This can be a smart switch that turns off in night mode. There’s some devices that can be installed in the box behind the switch.

  4. give him something to focus on at night in the dark, glow in the dark stars can help.