How do I manually turn on GE link bulbs if turned off by the ST app?

I haven’t seriously considered these bulbs until recently when I thought about using them instead of a zwave outlet to control a lamp.

What I need to know is this: If the bulb get turned off by the SmartThings app, how would someone turn the bulb back on without the SmartThings app? Is there a manual process, like turning the lamp itself off and back on?

I haven’t purchased one yet, or know anyone who has, to be able to answer this myself. I’ve also searched our forum, and Google’d my question, to no avail. Any help would be great, thanks!

Las far as I know there isn’t a manual way to turn them on. I have four of them and so far have only controlled them via the app.

If they’re connected to some form of switch, turning it off and then back on again will turn them on at full brightness.

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Yeah, that’s the big problem with all of these smart bulbs. Any lights that can’t be controlled by a physical switch along with an app are just not ideal in many heavy use scenarios.
The thing about light switches is that they “just work”. You need to be able to automate without losing any of the normal functionality that has existed for a century.

Correct. Turning it off then back on again in rapid succession turns it on to full brightness.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your replies and help. I’ll pick up a couple of these bulbs when I’m out tomorrow.

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