How to integrate Maestro Smart Controller with smart things

hi I’m new to smartthings,
I have 10 thermostat (ASMT402AD) and one Maestro Smart Controller (ASMC402AD) to control all 10 from one place
I have no problem connecting each thermostat (ASMT402AD) to my hub and control it, but when i do that I lose it from the Maestro Smart Controller since the Maestro Smart Controller use zigbee on channel 15 to connect to the thermostat and when i connected to smartthings hub it use zigbee on channel 20,
so i was trying to connect my Maestro Smart Controller to smart things to control all but can’t fine away
any help
thanks for all

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add the controller to a smartthings network as they are both primary coordinators and you can only have one of those.

You can probably add the individual thermostats and use smartthings instead of the maestro smart controller. But you can’t connect one thermostat to both.

See the following discussion:

[RELEASE] Stelpro releases its Maestro Line-Voltage Thermostat: The SMT402

thanks a lot for your reply
I was wondering if there is any smart app to use access the stelpro cloud account to control the thermostat somthing like (myq app or Leviton or Lutron that controlling the switches by a Lutron hub