Two Accounts for one ST Hub?

I have a Galaxy phone, my wife has one. We’ve been forced now in ST to convert to Samsung logins. But apparently we cannot be in the ST Classic App with account A while being logged into the Samsung features of our phones with account B.

any ideas?

Really, I’d like one of two things:

  1. a Samsung account just for ST, independent of the one I’m using for phone features (so my wife and I, and our tablets, can all use the same login for ST), or
  2. my wife and my independent Samsung accounts see the same stuff in the ST app. Currently, only one does. I see the app can invite users, but that doesn’t seem to work.


That’s definitely the intended method. Be sure to contact (or call them) to walk through the process. There may also be information on

If you just want to selectively and securely share view & control of certain sets (“Panels”) of Things, then please give ActionTiles a try. Runs in the browser, so independent of your Samsung logins; and you can link unlimited number of Accounts, Things, Panels, etc., to any SmartThings Location-Hub. Price is $28.99/Hub but 14-Days free trial - full functionality.

If invites are not working contact support as that is the official way to share control of a hub.


Thanks all. Support worked it out for me.

For the record: turned my converted account (converted into Samsung account) into a sort of master account using an email I jointly use with my wife. The account is what I use to login into smartthings graph api, etc. It was tied to my personal email instead of our joint, but you can change your email address on, so made it my joint email instead. Then I logged into the app on phone using this master account, shared with a personal account for me and my wife. We made sure those personal accounts have samsung accounts of their own, and accepted the invite to the master account’s hub, and now both of us have our phones logged into our respective personal samsung accounts and the smartthings app using these same accounts. The master account is currently not used on the phones. It may be on a tablet soon though.

Cheers, thanks for the help!

PS: any troubles ahead for the change from ST classic app (what I’m using) to the new one?

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So I thought this was all working, but my wife’s account does not. I called ST support again, they need to escalate and I had to email the details.

I’m finding I cannot even remove my wife’s account as an invited user. It disappears, only to reappear again.

Is there any way to access invited users from the graph.api website?


You login to the IDE using your Account. Then… the IDE allows you to change various attributes of Locations, Hubs, Devices, … but has no functionality to affect Accounts, including, as far as I can tell, no way to “invite” other users / emails to your Account.

Thank you for your reply!

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