Is there a support escalation process?

Just wondering if there’s an official process to escalate support tickets that don’t seem to be getting any traction. I’ve had a ticket open for 12 days now for a ST motion sensor that died after the OTA firmware update release came out. Support has had me factory reset the sensor 5 times so far, and unless they’re doing something in the background that I’m unaware of, they’ll be asking me to keep resetting it until I give up and stop bothering them about it. Help?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: Usually @slagle or @aaron Will notice common problems in the forums and will start an escalation process.

In this particular case, there’s one already underway. See the following thread, and ask the support person you’ve been working with to add you to the ticket number mentioned in the following post. That’s receiving escalated attention, so you should get notification of any fixes ithat get put into place.

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Hi @pswired,

There’s no real escalation process, but I recommend you update your ticket and reference mine: #286581. Put in your ticket that you will no longer perform any more resets because it’s not a device issue.

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Thanks for the replies. Regarding ticket #186581, what is the exact scenario addressed there? I’m not able to tell without reading all 650+ posts from the firmware update thread. The current problem with my sensor is that it never fully joins to the hub. After removing the device from the account and factory resetting it, the join process recognizes and adds the device, but it then reports constant motion and doesn’t provide any other updates (temperature or battery level) after the initial connection.

Support is no longer responding to my ticket- the last update from them was on the 26th, The ticket number is 291574 if that’s relevant.

As a follow up here, support did respond and is sending a new sensor. I would imagine that will take care of the problem.