How to get ST to update status change of garage door opener faster?

Hey everyone! I managed to set up my ADT garage door opener with ST and using “My Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” for the device handler it works well, I can open and close it no problem. The issue is that if the garage is opened, or was opened and then closed the only way that ST knows this is if I hit the refresh button. Is there anyway I can set it up so that the device status is refreshed automatically or check on a shorter interval? Thanks everyone!

Would the app ‘Pollster’ work for you.
You can select devices and the interval that you want them to be polled/refreshed.
EDIT: Do you use webCoRE? You can poll/refresh.

Ill give it a try and see if it helps, since it is plugged in I shouldnt have to worry about battery draining for the increased polling. Thanks!

Not sure if you have the link but here it is.

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Thanks bobbles just added…

any clue why it wont show up in my SmartApps after publishing it? So odd

Just to ask the obvious question but…
Are you going to Marketplace -> Smartapps -> My Apps in the ST app on your mobile?
It appears there first until you use it for the first time. It then appears under Automations -> Smartapps

never mind! it just decided to take a while before showing up :blush:

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can you detail more what exactly your ADT opener is? is this a dual z-wave situation with ADT Pulse and SmartThings?

Yes, that is correct, I have ADT Pulse Hub and ST. The garage door opener was first installed and is connected to the Pulse hub, I have now added in the ST hub.

I wonder if it has to do with ST being the secondary controller. Do other z-wave devices on both systems show similar lag?

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I have not looked at that yet. I only have one switch that is part of the Pulse Hub, but I could check that out tonight. I think the ADT garage door opener is actually a re-branded GD00Z-2. I tried to use z-wave tweaker to associate the garage door opener with both hubs but it says that the garage door opener does not support associations, possibly I need a better device handler?

It is up to the secondary controller to query the primary for status changes on devices attached to the primary, and SmartThings does not do this. So then you have to go to some form of polling.

Unfortunately, the polling itself, because it significantly increases traffic on the Z wave network, can end up slowing down responsiveness for all devices. :disappointed_relieved:

Officially, SmartThings discourages the use of the hub as a secondary, although technically it is possible.

SmartThings strongly discourages adding the Hub to another Z-Wave network. We cannot offer support for disconnected Z-Wave devices or the inability to add devices through the Hub as a result of including the Hub into another Z-Wave network.

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If the Z wave tweaker did not reveal any association capability, the device does not have it. The tweaker will query the device directly and the device will report back with all of its capabilities. There’s no device type handler that can add a capability if the device’s own firmware does not support it. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ah, ok, I am slowly learning here :smile: So would you recommend turning the polling off? Or wait and see if the polling leads to a lag for everything else? Thanks for all the input!

Personally, I hate polling. :rage: But I’m a network engineer, and I know what it does to a network. You’re taking a device that you might normally talk to three or four times a day and now you’re talking to it three or four times a minute. It can crush a network. :disappointed_relieved: But there are certainly people who do it and in practice, maybe you won’t notice.

The problem is, not only are you increasing the traffic on your own network by thousands of times, but you are overburdening the cloud and therefore inconveniencing everyone else as well.

So you’ll find lots of posts from me in the forum going back several years saying “don’t do polling.” But that doesn’t mean anybody listens to me. :wink:

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Silly question…

Why not put a contact sensor on the door?
That way you instantly know what state the door is in

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Understood! I will keep that in mind for sure!

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hmm that could be a very simple solution, I never thought about that!

Yeah, EcoLink makes a cheap tilt sensor (Model ECO-TILT-US) that works great and you can find on Amazon for like $25. I’ve had mine going for a year and a half on a door that opens multiple times a day and it’s been rock solid.