Help with refreshing garage controller automatically

Hey all,
I’ve purchased this garage door controller.

It works really well, and integration and installation was reasonably easy. However, I have 1 issue with it. If I want to check the status, I have to manually refresh the device from my app or the web based IDE. When I look at the device on the IDE, It doesn’t seem to have the option to set the refresh interval.

Is there a way I can add a refresh, or script the refresh myself to refresh every 20 seconds? I’m a software engineer, so doing groovy isn’t a problem. I’m not just sure if there’s another better way to do this.

The “Type” in my controller is “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener”. Attached is a screenshot of the configuration in the IDE.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Todd_Nine, that’s a popular garage door controller used by many Community members. I thinks there’s a custom DH out there that people are using, and while I don’t usually keep up with discussions about that device, I don’t recall refresh issues coming up a lot.

Here’s a version you can try (cost associated):


And a search link with more discussions:

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So refreshing a device in done by the poll() function in ST and the frequency is controlled by the ST platform (no control over it). However if you want to manually poll a device and get it to refresh itself, you can use the poll() function and a great app to do that for you is Pollster

EDIT: Polling every 20 seconds is an overkill, you shouldn’t have to poll it ideally since it’s an event driven architecture so the device will update itself everytime there is a change in the garage door status. If that isn’t happening the question to ask is why (and 99% of the time it’s a communication issue between the device and hub and lots of little ways to solve it from reboot hub, repairing z-wave network and for the GD00Z-4 aligning the antenna, see this thread). The antenna on this device is very sensitive to direction.