How to get Logitech Harmony Activities to show up in the SmartThings app?

Hi all,

I have:

  • Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control (+ Logitech Harmony Hub)
  • Samsung SmartThings v2 Hub.

How am I supposed to get Harmony activities to show up in the SmartThings app?

I’ve added SmartThings as a device on the Harmony Hub (under the ‘Home Control’ section of the adding device wizard). It seems to have partially worked, since its added my various lights, sensors and power outlets to the screen on my remote. However, it hasn’t added my Harmony activities to my Samsung Smart Things app.

I did previously have the Logitech Harmony smartapp intergration installed from a few years ago back in the Smart Things Classic app days. But I wanted to start afresh, so I removed this. How do I get it back again?

Thanks in advance

check out this Edge driver:


All working very nicely thanks. Its a reasonable workaround.

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