How to get light switches that control a different light

I have two different swtches sort of next to each other, but i want to use one switch to control the other. If I press ‘on’ on the left switch, I want the right switch to turn on and vice versa.
Is this a thing?

Sure that’s easy. :sunglasses:

All you need are smart switches which can communicate with each other via radio communications, rather than with physical wires.

This is called a “virtual three-way” in the United States.

We will need to know a few things before we can recommend specific models:

  1. what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. do you want switches that look just like the rocker switches in your picture? That’s easy too, it’s just that not all companies offer those.

  3. are you currently using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home Automation platform? If not, are you willing to do so?

This forum was set up several years ago so that customers could help other customers with that specific platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. If you want to use a different platform, again, this is a pretty easy use case, but you’ll need to go to a different forum to get advice. So just let us know, otherwise, the answers you get here might be pretty confusing.

  1. assuming you are using the smartthings platform, do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub? And if so, which model? (You can use the Samsung smartthings platform without a hub, having one just increases the number of devices you have to choose from. )

  2. exactly what do the switches currently control?

And what exactly do you want them to control after you have set up the virtual three-way?

  1. which if any voice assistants do you want to use? Alexa, Google assistant, Siri, bixby.

  2. do you have a good stable Internet connection at your home? On the smartthings platform, the assumption is that your system is always connected to the Internet. But there are some other options which don’t require that.

  3. about how much do you want to spend on this project?

  4. I personally strongly recommend that anything that is wired to Mains power have good safety certifications, like UL or ETL. Not everybody cares about that stuff, but there are potential fire hazards if you use Devices without safety certifications. And if you are a renter, your lease might require that you only use safety certified devices. Again, it’s pretty easy to find good candidates, it just slightly changes The list of devices you’d consider.

That should do it. Give us those answers and we should be able to recommend some specific switch models for you.

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I am using Smartthings with the last version of the hub before they went to Aeotec. The switches are both GE zwave (4182 or something like that for the model).

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That all sounds good. And the answer to question five above? :thinking:

Switch one controls a light. Switch two controls lights. Switch two is used more frequently than Switch 1. Switch one is closer to the opening of the room. I could rewire, which isn’t a big deal, then I would just put in a bigger box so all the switches are together.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand exactly which switch controls what, and the details matter for something like this. Do the two switches currently control exactly the same light fixture? Or does switch two control a different set of lights than switch one?

Say, this is a basement family room at the bottom of a staircase. Maybe switch one controls the lights on the staircase, and switch two, which is farther into the room, controls The lights in the Family Room itself.

The question then is what outcome do you want to have.

Do you want turning on switch one to turn on the staircase lights and the lights in the family room? But have switch two still turn on only the lights in the family room, not the staircase lights.

Or do you want to have both switches do exactly the same thing, and turn on both the staircase lights and the lights in the family room?

Different people will want different things, which is why the details do matter.

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Sorry, I mistyped, switch one controls a one light. Switch 2 controls recessed lights. Both are in the same room.

It is possible to mirror one smart switch’s behavior to the other and vice versa. There was a recent discussion in this topic.

There was also a discussion of ways to turn dumb switches into smart switches in this topic.


I think that may work. I’ll give it a go when I get home. Thsnks

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