Virtual 3-Way Switch?

Hello! I am new so i apologize if this has been discussed. I am unfamiliar with all the terminology.
I have 2 Zooz zen71 switches controlling one light ( 3 way). The switches are currently wired where switch # 1 will mechanically turn light on or off with the paddle. Currently switch 2 has power but does nothing.
Zooz said once I program a virtual 3 way both switches will work mechanically as well as with Alexa.
Both switches are showing up in my Smartthings Hub.
Ultimately, what I want to do is be able to control the light with Alexa voice control OR by the physical switches at any time.
Can someone tell me the programming steps to be able to do this?
Thanks you!!!

Easiest way would be to use the “Sync with switch” function in the Smartlighting app. The app is available by clicking the symbol next to the + on the Routines tab. Once you launch it, click on the + and then select a device to control and then the device to be mirrored. You’ll want to set up two rules so that each switch mirrors the other. With some switches, you may get a race condition where they will oscillate between on/off. If that happens, there is a different approach using Routines and checking to make sure the state of the switch before mirroring to the other.

As far as Alexa goes, you should be able to tell her to turn on/off a switch by the device’s name.


I found the + on the routines tab in the smartthings app. I can select the first switch but it doesn’t give any options for mirroring.
I set up an automatic where it says switch 1 on or off, then switch 2 turn on or turn off.
The next routine says switch 2 on or off then switch 1 on or off.
Does that sound correct?
Thank you!!

Selecting the + on the Routines tab doesn’t get you to Smartlighting and Routines don’t have a mirror/sync option so that’s why you aren’t seeing it. To use Smartlighting, from the Routines tab, click the symbol next to the +.

You can certainly use Routines to create a mirroring effect. I haven’t tried it the way you described, but test it and see if you get the effect you want. If not (or if you encounter the race condition), you might need to create separate Routines for on and off for each switch. If you do, I would set them up like this:

If Switch 2 is off (precondition)
   Switch 1 turns on
   Turn on Switch 2
If Switch2 is on (precondition)
   Switch 1 turns off
   Turn off Switch 2

You would also then create two more Routines to mirror in the opposite direction.

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Thank you so much!!!