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I sure this a question has been asked many times but I do not know how to search for it. I have a bathroom with two doors and a switch on both doors. One switch controls the overhead light. The other used to controll a light outside. That switch was a 3way that was coverted to a one way. I would like to install a switch in that area that controls the overhead light. I have hot, neutral and ground in that box. Can I setup SmartThings to do that? Basically make it a 3 way but one only one switch switches the light. The other just tell SmartThings I want to toggle the light.

Are you in the US? If so, then sure. That set up is called a “virtual three-way“ and there are several switches that will work in the auxiliary position. For example, both Inovelli and Zooz have switches that can be set up so that using the switch does not cut current but just sends a message to the hub.


I am in the the US and thanks for the info. The slave switch will have constant power. My goal would to be use two TP-Link Kasa switches and when you flip one the other toggles the the state of the one connected to the light. It would have to be an app or handler in SmartThings. Have you seen anything like that?

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You can write a simple automation. When switch 1 turns on then turn on switch 2. Do the same thing for off.

This is already available as an option in the official smartlighting feature. It’s called “mirror behavior.“ It means that when switch A turns on, switch B turns on. When switch A turns off, switch B turns off. The two can be any switches that you like as long as each can talk to the hub. :sunglasses:

There is a community FAQ on setting it up:

FAQ: create a virtual three-way using the “mirror“ feature of SmartLighting

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Thanks for the answer. I finally had a chance to try it. I have TP-Link Kasa switches. I followed the directions and did a mirrors setting in Smart Lighting. It did not work with the physical switch when you hit one the other does not toggle. In the app it does work. If I flip either of the switches they both toggle. I think that it takes too long for the switch to communicate back to the hub and that causes issues. Any ideas?