How to find "Device Network Id" manually? [OBSOLETE]


I have a Qubino - Flush Dimmer - ZMNHDD1. (Z-Wave)
Have read alot shit about this product in here and I now know why. :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me how to FIND “Device Network Id” manually for this type of device?
I have earlier found the ID for some Zigbee products from Xiaomi with good luck. (used the Event List)
I dont know ho to find he ID with Z-Wave. And no… I cant find the device from my phone.


The device’s network ID is assigned automatically when it pairs, or if you’re manually creating a device (a virtual sensor, for example) you can make up a random string of numbers yourself in the IDE

I haven’t used the qubino dimmers myself. Have you added a custom device handler for it? The Smartest House (I’m assuming you got it from them if you’re in the US, correct me if I’m wrong) usually explains pretty well how to add devices to ST on their website.

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Why do you want the device network id?

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Why do you want the device network id?"

Because I cant find it from my phone, so I have to add it manually.

That isn’t very likely to be true, depending on what exactly you’re trying to do. So I think that’s why @RBoy was asking.


For Z-Wave devices you can’t add the device network id (dni) manually, that only works for manually added devices and Z-Wave devices can’t be added manually AFAIK.

If you don’t “see” your Z-Wave device in the list of my device then it didn’t pair properly.

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Either the device wasn’t paired correctly or the user initiated a local factory reset of the device that would issue a Device Reset Locally notification to ST. Depending on the implementation on the ST this could cause the device to not appear in the device list anymore, since it was reset.

Newbie question here - I have my Aqara 2-way switch installed, and it works fine w.r.t. physically switching on/off the lights.

If i want to change the device handler, as the “Device Network ID” is left blank, which is a mandatory field when I click Edit > change “type”.

How do I obtain the “Device Network ID” for a wired switch? MAny thanks in advance!


The Device Network ID (DNI) is a property of legacy devices, that is to say those using Groovy Device Type Handlers. It is automatically assigned for Z-Wave and ZigBee devices as part of the pairing process and also for dynamically created devices. You only assign it manually if you are manually installing a device which doesn’t require pairing.

If a device doesn’t have a DNI in the IDE then it must be using a current type of integration such as an Edge driver. The type shown in the IDE will be ‘placeholder’. You can’t use the IDE to change another integration type to a DTH.

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Good to know. In my case, I’m not trying to change to DTH. I’m just trying to do a regular edit (rename one of the fields). Any harm in me just manually putting in some arbitrary thing for Device Network Id? If not, is it possible my rename will work?

(I’m trying to rename one of the outlets in a two outlet Inovelli NZW37)