Device network ID?

I assume this is a simple thing and I’m utterly confused by it. When manually adding devices in IDE, it always requires the “network device ID”. E.g., I’m trying to add a Sage Doorbell.

But what exactly is the network ID meant to be? Can it just be a random number, it it meant to be an IP or MAC Address?


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If you’re adding a real device, like the sage Zigbee doorbell, you need to Pair it with your ST hub using the ST App on your phone. This will automatically fill in the Device Network ID.

Thanks, will see if I can figure out how to pair it since it looks like Sage isn’t a supported brand…hmmm

Nvmd…seems to have added itself after I added the handler.


Is that the sage doorbell sensor? If so, there’s a community – created DTH for it:

I don’t know if it needs any updates for the new V3 app, though.

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The answer to this depends on the type of device and how it is connected to your hub or the cloud. For zwave and zigbee devices, this is a protocol specific id. For local lan devices this is usually (but not always) an encoding of the network address. For other types of devices it is some unique id that (usually) has some meaning to the app or parent device that manages the device.

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What about phones? I got one iPhone and two Android (Huawei) connected with ST.
The iPhone got a device ID by itself and the one routine i tried out by now worked only with the iPhone.

Both Android are missing the ID. Any ideas?

The Device Network ID is associated with legacy device handling. Devices that use newer style integrations (identifiable in the IDE by the ‘placeholder’ device type), such as mobile presence in later releases of the mobile app on Android (don’t know about iPhone), do not expose a DNI.


Thanks for that information.

Do you have any idea tho why the location wont work with android?
You can see on the screenshot that the two android phones had their last activity hours ago and the iPhone was the only one to react when I left home.

On SmartThings Developer Tools website I tryed to add a new device (Samsung AR7000 air conditioner) to integrate it later in homeassistant.
what is the “Device Network ID” of my AR7000 air conditioner?