How to determine which automation triggered a relay? Smartapp logging?


How to determine which automation triggered a switch? Smartapp logging?

Suppose I am only using the built in smart lighting.

Looking at the device log for a relay, I see that it turned on and off at 4:20.

Is there anyway to see what triggered it? Which automation?

Thanks in advance

I don’t spend much time in the IDE but, if your SmartLighting automation has a name, you can look at a device in the mobile app. Click on recently, you should see your automation name and then the device state change listed there.

This should help:

Here is the recently tab. It shows the relay as being triggered. Now what? How do I figure out which automation triggered it?

I had a similar problem, and the only way I was able to figure it out was print my CoRE Pistons from the dashboard.