Create lighting automations with Smart Lights

where can I find my created light automation?.i get feedback that this was created but do not find it afterwards

In the SmartThings mobile App, under the “Automation” / SmartApps section.

Scroll down to “Smart Lighting”. Tap.


Thank you I have found it how I can test the one created automation

I’m not sure I know what you mean by “test”?

SmartThings doesn’t have a debugger. So if you have used Smart Lighting, just trigger the real-world condition(s) in the real-world and see if the actions occur in the real-world.

You can get some diagnostics in the Live Logging tab of

What is your automation supposed to do?

Ok Sorry for my poor english.

I mean,if I have created an automation and this starts only at 2 o’clock at night.

how can I check this before so I do not have to stay up until 2 o’clock at night?

in a routine I find no way to dim the light and change the color tone is that correct?

  • To test, just temporarily change the automation start time to a few minutes from “now” (e.g., 5pm instead of 2am). If it works at 5pm, then set the time to 2am and it will work properly then.
  • I don’t know all the limits or powers of Routines. There are more options in Smart Lighting. You can have a Routine turn on a Switch, and the Switch can be used as a trigger in Smart Lighting to do more.

  • There are many better SmartApps with more control. One of the easy ones with a lot of flexibility (but as an iOS App only, is “Smart Rules” in the Apple Store.

  • For lighting control, search the forum for “Trend Setter”.

  • The most popular powerful “rules engine” solution is webCoRE.

In other words … explore, explore, explore.

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Thank you so you have helped me very much. I will make. Explorexploreexplore; -9

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