How to delete SmartThings forum account/profile?

(SFBayArea) #1

Hey guys, got two questions about account(s):

  1. Wondering if I can delete my forum account? I’ve tried everything under my profile and even called tech support, but so far I could not find a solution.

  2. Getting new Smartthings mesh wifi with the build in hub v3 and I thought to start from blank page and create brand new Smartthings/Samsung Account. Any idea how to delete existing Smartshings and Samsung account?

(Robin) #2

Are you looking to delete your forum account of SmartThings account… they are completely separate things.


Weirdly, discourse, the forum software that this site uses, doesn’t have any way for a user to delete their own account.

Instead, flag your own first post in this thread and ask a moderator to delete your forum account. They can do it. ( i’m not a moderator, I’m just another user. )

Note, however, that forum membership is completely independent of your Samsung or SmartThings account. For that step, you would need to get in touch with support.

(Robin) #4

An admin can not delete your forum account because it more more than 30 days old.

This is built into discourse to prevent the flow of existing threads being messed up.

They can however anonymise your profile so that it is no longer linked to your email / name etc.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

I find it hard to believe this is GDPR compliant.

You have the right to have all your data deleted… (If you are an EU citizen or resident).

(Robin) #6

Not exactly… you have the right to have data linked to you deleted, or made anonymous.

Technically, the posts themselves belong to the forum, so long as there are no identifying factors within.

(Robin) #7

Here’s a snapshot of the admin view for an established user:

And a new user:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #8

But what does a fully anonymized user & posts look like?

(Robin) #9

Hmm… I’ll pick out an inactive profile that failed to get verified… one sec.

(Robin) #10

Ignoring the red banner and warning symbol we place against unverified users, here’s the before and after:

Note that though an admin can not delete a post after 60 days, they can edit at any time, and edits can be hidden from the edit history (admins can hide that orange / grey pencil that appears top right). So if a user had identifying details in a particular post, that could be hidden manually.

(Robin) #11

And it also changes the registered email address:

Name is changed throughout the entire log history as well.

Interestingly it doesn’t remove user IP address history (I obviously can’t post a snapshot of that), still GDPR compliant though as no longer linked to any other identifying data.

Back to the OP mind you, I’m fairly sure they meant deleting their ST account, not forum… despite the title of this thread.

Once new hub is linked, they should be able to delete the old hub and location via the IDE.

(SFBayArea) #12

Ok, thank you guys, I have flagged my post. Hopefully administrator can help with the forum account.


Please close/anonymize my account. Thanks!