Properly removing one location and hub from account that has two locations and two hubs

I have had two locations with a hub at each location of course on my account for a while. The second house was just sold. I propely removed all the devices from that hub using the app, then brought everything home and for now hooked the hub back up to the internet here just show it is not showing as offline for now.

I assume that nothing is changed and that there no benefit or use of two hubs at one location.

So how do I properly decommision this second hub and location so I can take it offline and put it away as a spare? This page shows how to delete the location and how to factory reset the hub. Do I do one or the other or both? If both do I do them in a certain order?

I want to do this properly so that I can reuse this hub if I need it later, and I don’t want to damage my primary location and hub setup.


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