Deleting or Removing Hubs

Hi All,

I have an interesting issue. I’ve somehow managed to link my mothers location & hub to my account so when I sign into the api I can see both locations and both hubs and all devices. I done this so that if she had any issues I would be able to sort them remotely.

Only issue is, when I’ve tied google to smartthings, i now turn off her lights 30 miles away when i ask google to turn off the living room.

Logging into the API I cannot delete either location or either hub. When I try to delete hers it tells me I don’t have the authority and when I try to delete mine it says that something has went wrong.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried deleting the location or your entire account? You may want to contact support if you’re unable to delete the hub. It’s generally a good practice to have only one hub per location since many apps don’t support multiple hubs.