How to create a virtual HCA white goods device that can connect to SmartThings?

hello. Using smartthings, we plan to develop a consumables management service focusing on white goods supported by HCA (home connectivity alliance). Is there a way to virtually develop and register devices such as washing machines, HVAC (boilers, air conditioners, etc.), vacuum cleaners, etc. without a hub? Or, is there a way to register virtual devices with the IDE?

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There are two options to integrate devices without the hub Direct Connect devices and Cloud Connected Devices. I’m not familiar with the Home Connectivity Alliance but to get your integration certified, you must either be the owner of the device or have the manufacturer’s authorization to integrate it Product Policies.


Thank you for your answer.
What I want is a way to register virtual devices (air conditioners, dust filter sensors, etc.) other than the VIRTUAL devices that can be registered in the Devices tab of “smartThings advanced Web app”.
There is no actual device to build and flash via SDK since we are not actually developing the product and need it for demo testing.

In that case, I think one option is to use Schema Integration (Cloud Connected Devices), you will create a device on Smartthings and when the device changes its status you will receive the information on your Cloud and you can also send information to SmartThings.

You can create virtual devices based on a device profile using the SmartThings CLI, but it could generate some limitations.

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