Anyway to enable/disable a smartapp/routine when needed?

I have a smartapp (from these forums, code), that between 1am and 6am if my motion or multi sensor detects door, hall etc then send me a notification, used for security.

However I’d like this to be run when everyone isn’t at home, would have to be selective as sometimes, often, someone is though.

So basically it’s like to enable, disable at will, this specific routine/smartapp, separated from every night run it as well.

Is this possible, sorry I’m new to ST.

Yes, this is what modes do

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Thanks, can’t seem to get this working though, added a routine, and then a mode, or tother way around! ran it but its not sending my text messages or notifications…

I added an “idle” mode where I point my seasonal schedules such as “summer thermostat” to run only in, when not using them.

You could name it anything that makes sense to you. The preconfigured modes are joined to the stock routines, but can be changed.