How to Connect Wink Ceiling Fan to Smartthings

I have this ceiling fan ( as I was previously using Wink. I recently switched to Smartthings due to Wink starting to charge a subscription. I have the 2018 Smartthings Hub and have set up the app. Is there a way I can control the fan, and the light, with Smartthings?

Thank you!

The docs say its zigbee and one of the reviews on the page says it works with smartthings… have you tried resetting the fan and pairing? Was smartthings able to find it?

Requires custom DTH. Doesn’t work all that well with the new app. Search for Hampton Bay Wink enabled fan controller. Lots of info in the forum. The giant thread has the DTH. I’d look it up but I’m on my mobile and my eyes are tired.

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I tried that but smartthings doesn’t seem to find it and when I try to search for it by name it’s not listed

Thank you… Googling DTH now :blush:

Thank you!!! The DTH thing worked! And I learned some new tricks I can use for other things as I’m building up my Smartthings world, thank you so much!

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