Hunter add-on Ceiling Fan/Light Control - pairs but only as a "thing" - no functions

AS with my other post, I’m a recent Wink convert to ST. This is the last and only remaining device that I can’t get to work with ST. I reset it (3 seconds power on, 3 seconds power off, 5 times) and attempted to pair with ST but it’s only showing up as a “thing”. Can’t control anything.
This is the add on controller that “works with Wink” (or worked with Wink). In the Wink app, I could control the fan as well as the integrated light (incuding dimming).
There’s no direct “add” for this, so obviously no native support, but is there a way to make this work?

It’s a very popular device. :sunglasses:

Start with the following thread

Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

And eventually you’ll need the code in the following thread,

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Thanks JD. I think I have it almost working. I downloaded, installed and published the parent and two child devices. Then I associated the parent device with my fan. However, all that shows is an on/off button and no other controls. I tried associating the fan with another device handler and then re-associating it with the parent from the second thread you sent (I have all 3 device handler codes installed), but same problem, only an on-off switch.
is there a smartApp I need to install also?

You will get the fastest and most helpful answers by asking in the thread where you found the code. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread, and other people using the same code will also see it and may be able to help.