Help a newb. How to connect Hampton bay fan controller?

So I’m new to the home automation world and I need some help. I would like to connect my bedroom ceiling fan into my system. I have a smartthings hub and I purchased a Hampton bay universal wink fan controller after in reading several places that it was compatible with smartthings with a custom device handler. Well long story short I found this custom device handler and added the GitHub repo to my smartthings. Now I can’t get the app to find the fan controller. I don’t know if I have skipped a step or done something wrong but if someone could direct me to some assistance i would greatly appreciate it.

so i put the smartthings hub in the same room as the fan. i tried to put the fan controller into pairing mode by switching it on and off at 3 second intervals 5 times (though i can not get the light to flash 3 times indicating its in pairing mode). i installed the rafaelborja device handler (i think correctly). I’m at a loss i read people telling me it works but it just doesn’t seem to work.