Blind Chain control motor HELP

HI! This is my first Topic ever, so please be patient.
I have been looking for days and have come up with no findings.
Im looking for a decent Zwave Chain control alternative to the AXIS . I have observed allready that that it was too expensive for what it did ,and didnt do it well anyway.

There are plenty of ZIGbee products that are very cheap- but require a zigbee hub. (ive allready know that the flavors of zigbee dont talk to ST)
Im temped to go get a TUYA zigbee hub - Does that talk to ST? Im amazed that there are not more products out there for windows.

The Zigbee profiles that smartthings uses are limited to one primary device per network, which means only one hub. You can’t use anybody else’s zigbee Hub with smartthings directly.

In some cases, you will be able to set up a cloud to cloud Integration in which case it doesn’t really matter that the other hub is using zigbee, because you’re talking to it through the cloud anyway.

So you can use some Tuya zigbee Devices with smartthings, in most cases, but you would be using a smartthings hub instead of a Tuya hub.

Similarly, you can use IKEA zigbee Devices with smartthings, but in that case you use a SmartThings Hub instead of the IKEA hub. Or if you are using xaomi Aqara zigbee Devices with smartthings, you would use the smartthings hub instead of the xaomi Aqara hub. :sunglasses:

There are quite a few products available for motorized window control, but almost none that pull a chain because of the extreme danger to children and pets when you automate these. Instead, most manufacturers are going the other way and removing cords/pull chains all together in favor of rods or, in the case of smart controls, buttons.

Why particularly were you interested in z wave? And what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

In in USA, I just want something simple, I just bought these dual sheer blinds that are really nice, but the control is a chain… i have to work with that… Zwave i know - the rest of my house has 45 devices and everything is work well.

So to clarify your other response-- ar you saying that if i get a Zigbee chain control motors (4 motors/ 4 windows) and pair them to a Zigbee Tuya hub-- your saying that thru the cloud-- ST can reach out to it and see it as a controllable device?

iblinds is a zwave product for retrofitting traditional horizontal slat blinds that has a smartthings Integration Integration. The cord ends up being tucked up into the motor casing, which again is typical for automated solutions.

I’m a little bit confused about what you’re asking for, though. In the United States, the window covering industry doesn’t make “transparent“ blinds.

On the most basic level, Blinds are hard window coverings made with horizontal slats, and Shades are window coverings made of one or more pieces of fabric.

There are definitely sheer fabric, or semi sheer, shades. But not blinds.

On the other hand, in the UK, the single piece of fabric window coverings are often called blinds. so you do get sheer ones there. The window coverings made of multiple horizontal pieces are more commonly called “wooden blinds“ or “shutter blinds“ there.

So are you talking about a single piece of fabric? Or multiple horizontal pieces?

US Shades vs blinds:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Unfortunately, no, Tuya does not offer a cloud to cloud Integration for Their zigbee Hub to smartthings. Some companies do, but not that one. So if you want to use tuya end devices with your smartthings account, you have to pair the end devices to the smartthings hub and not use the Tuya hub, but I don’t know if the curtain motors have an integration or not.