How to Configure Aplicaciones Virtuales to Turn On a Virtual Switch Every 14 Days?

Hi everyone! I am not a developer by far, but am a dedicated user of the Smartthings platform. I currently have about 60 or so integrated devices. I have a need for a routine that will turn on a virtual device once every two weeks. I understand there is an edge driver called Aplicaciones Virtuales that is capable of facilitating this type of routine. I was able to find and install the driver and subsequently create the virtual devices but have been unable to understand how to make it work.

I have a ton of experience with the Smartthings app but setting this up has been a bit confusing. If you’re someone who has been able to set up this type of routine and are interested in helping an end user, please help. Your assistance will be unmeasureably appreciated!

Hi @ACollazo

If you are going to create it on the same day that it must be activated, you just have to set the value to 14 days and the switch will go to On at 00:00 14 days later and will be On all day, until the 00:00 of the next day thst it will turn Off, so you can do routines throughout the entire day
The timer will reset in another 14 days.

For the time to match your local time you must enter the difference with the utc time.

If, for example, there are 5 days left until the day that must be activated every 14 days, then:

  • you create a timer with the days left until the target day.

  • Then you create a routine for when the On state is activated for 5 days and the action would be to set the timer to 14 days forever.

After it is activated in 14 days you can delete the routine

If you have any specific questions, tell me


Thank you so much, Mariano! You are truly a scholar and gentleman! I will try this and will let you know how it works! Thank you again!