Left It Open replacement virtual Edge driver availability

Looking for a virtual Edge driver to use as a replacement for the Left It Open SmartApp. Here’s the features I think it would need:

  • Multi component virtual device:
    – Main component is a switch. The real device would use routines to turn this switch on and off as it turns on and off naturally.
    – second component is a button. This button would trigger if the main component switch is on for period X amount of time, but only once.
    – third component is a button. This button would trigger if the main component is STILL on for period X + Y amount of time. And optionally for every interval of Y after that.

Settings would be available for:

  • setting the X time (in minutes)
  • setting the Y time (in minutes).
  • flag to trigger the Y time button only once or every Y time interval.

This logic would allow you to duplicate a similar logic to Left It Open. A routine could generate a notification on the second component button triggering, saying “Door is open after 5 minutes”.
A second routine could generate a notification on the third component button triggering saying “Door is still open after 30 minutes”, optionally every 30 minutes after that.

Any of the virtual device writers (@TAustin @blueyetisoftware @Mariano_Colmenarejo @ygerlovin) already have something like this? Or want to take this on? I’d be happy to work on it if given access to the the existing virtual framework…


Hi @csstup

In this thread of last septiembre Explains how to do it with a virtual device of two switches (virtual appliances) and 3 routines

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. However, the thing I was looking for was that the virtual device itself did the timing, not the routine. I didn’t want to use auto off after XX minutes in the routine, I hoped the configuration was within the device itself.

A couple notes just from my point of view when researching for this solution: I never would have thought to look in the driver called Virtual Appliances. That sounds like virtual garage door openers, virtual washing machines, etc. None of the virtual devices listed in the description (now that I know where to look) don’t sound like appliances either.

Further, if I did look in there, I never would have thought to try a driver called “SwitchBoard”. Its not a term I would apply to a multiple switch device. A switchboard was used by telephone operators before they had automatic switching equipment installed. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure those two names are a “lost in translation” issue.

I agree that in English one would be more likely to say “virtual utilities” than “virtual appliances” (which I also initially expected to be washing machines).

Switchboard is the correct English word in an engineering context, but in everyday use most people do associate it exclusively with telephone systems. I probably would have said “virtual panelboard,” not because I would think most people would know that term, but because I would think they would know that they didn’t know it, if that makes sense.


(a panelboard is just a wallmount version of a multi component switchbox with slots for multiple switches and plugs. )

But other people might have said “virtual switchbox.” :man_shrugging:t2:

Still, it’s up to the author what to call their creations, and I’m getting used to it. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t think it was that important. :rofl: :rofl:
I have changed the name to what I should have put from the first moment: Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc

Aplicaciones: from the Latin applicatio, -ōnis.
It has multiple meanings, for software: Program prepared for a specific use.
Virtuales: From Latin. medieval. virtualis
Has several meanings:
- Physics: That has apparent existence and not real.
- Inform. Located or taking place online, usually over the Internet

Mc: Mariano Colmenarejo

 Name         Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc
 Version      2023-01-13T15:10:54.915771789        


Take my suggestions with a grain of salt, I’m horrible at naming things. “Virtual Utilities” is probably what I would have chosen but that doesn’t say what it does either. SwitchPanel I might have named multi-switch, but I’m not sure thats any better either.

I did a test similar to the SwitchBoard-2 example, but really with just 1 device to watch, you don’t need a group virtual concept. A “regular” (uni) virtual switch driver is fine as I’m only using the first sub-switch of SwitchBoard-2.

I’d also like different notifications for the initial and the subsequent triggers. With some more complex routine logic I can achieve that, but I’d still like a dedicated use Left It Open Virtual type driver. :slight_smile:

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