Running an Automation Monthly

I currently have a webcore piston that closes then opens my water main once a month, just to make sure the valve doesn’t get frozen. Trying to convert this to an automation before the pistons go away. I see that I can select something to run once a week, but I don’t see any way to run something monthly, am I missing something?

Try using Mariano_Colmenarejo’s Virtual Calendar

I use it to reboot some network devices once a month.


I’m trying to figure out a way to do this same thing. Were you able to accomplish this with one routine? I understand how to create the calendar part of the routine but I’m stuck on the power cycling section. Which driver are you using to power cycle a smart plug? Counter utility? Momentary button?
Does anyone else have an easy solution for turning off a smart plug and then turning it on again after one minute?

Easy to do with 2 routines

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Thanks, Paul. I had thought of creating an extra routine, but I was hoping someone had a single routine solution. I think it may be possible with a counter utility or momentary button/switch with auto-revert but can’t figure out how to do it.

Mine is pretty much the same as Paul’s, just remember to pick day 28 or lower so you don’t skip February I also have a cron job scheduled on my raspberry pi and windows server.

Thanks, Nick. It’s bizarre that a switch can be turned on with an included option to auto turn off after a designated period of time, but not the opposite. This seems like a basic feature/function, and yet it’s missing. Sheesh, what a waste of a routine; to turn on a switch, once per month.