How to close my garage door after a specified time

I’m trying to figure out how to set a rule to close my garage door after it has been open for a specified time. Occasionally, we inadvertently leave the door open and I want it to close. I have a Smartthings Hub with GoControl Garage Door opener. I want to create a rule or some method to close my garage door after it’s been open for 15 minutes. I bought a MyQ wall button but it took control of my Craftsman motor and would not let the GoControl manage it. I’m back to the original wall button. Any advice is appreciated.

Depending upon what DTH you are using that gives the GoControl device “switch” capabilities, the Smart Lighting smartapp will do it. Here’s an example of what I do to close mine after no motion is detected:

(If you’re using the default DTH, it’s pretty easy to modify it for yourself to enable this capability)

I would advise against doing this, unless you are closing it after an extended period of time and the unit is properly safe. I have a MyQ wall unit and gateway. And when you close it from ST through MyQ lite or through the MyQ app, the light flashes and a buzzer goes off for 10 seconds before the door moves. This is to alert anyone that may be in the path of the door to move. Because you are no longer controlling the door when you are within sight of it, the requirements for safety are higher. The go-control, to my knowledge, does not have this feature. It annoyed the hell out of me at first but more than a couple of time’s i’ve been screwing around in the garage and the door would have started to close on me. Now it might not have killed me because of the other safety features but if i’d smacked my head on that door it would have hurt like hell.

The GoControl and/or Linear device does exactly the same thing.

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I use Webcore to smartly do what you’re trying to do with the same GoControl as well as a Bosch motion detector. It texts me after 15 mins of being open AND no motion in the garage for at least 5 mins. At 20 mins and at least 5 mins of no motion, it closes the door and texts me the same. If there’s motion, then it loops another 5 minutes and tries again. I often putz around in the garage and as long as I’m moving around, the garage stays open and I don’t get notifications.

Does the linear have it’s own light and buzzer? How does it buzz if there is no buzzer on the opener?

The device itself has a strobe and beeper built in. When you trigger the device, they go off.

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If you have access to RBoy Apps try this app:

The garage door was one of the first things I automated. I also have a GoControl unit. In my garage, I have a motion detector. I have it set to automatically close after 15 minutes of inactivity on the motuion sensor. Simple WebCore piston.

if you have 2 garages, can you combine the codes or you have to do 2 separate pistons?

You should be able to specify both doors in the THEN/WITH statement.