Garage Door notification/ auto close / blinking lights

The other day I ran into a rare situation. I have my garage set to open as I approach the house. The solution has worked flawlessly.
On Friday, my phone was turned off as I was approaching my house, so the event wasn’t triggered. However, when I reached home and charged my phone later than night, the garage opened. It was about 10:30 PM. I guess it was because ST assumed that that’s when I reached home. Although, I don’t anticipate this happening often, I am looking at means to get notified if this were to happen. Three things that will help

  1. Garage closes automatically after x minutes (I saw a smartapp that is supposed to do that, but I couldn’t make it work)
  2. I get notified if the garage is open for more than x minutes (I think the ‘Ridiculously automated garage door’ smart app does that)
  3. Some lights at home continue to blink either for a set duration or until I close the garage after it has been opened (no solution found)

Are there any suggestion? A smart app, a combination of smart apps?

I am using SmartRules to configure some of my rules and have been able to set up a rule which checks for an open garage door at a certain time of day and then closes it if it is open; also notifies me. Although this works, I am actually looking for a solution that triggers only after x minutes of the garage door being open and not at a specific time of day

I am using my phone as the presence sensor and use the myQ garage door opener (MYQ-G0201) to open and close the garage.

what i have done was made a rule that my house double checks everything is locked and closed at a certain time that I know I am home most night (11pm). So it closes any garage doors and locks all locks at 11pm. Hope that helps

Within SmartHome Montior there is a Custom category that allows you to set up a rule if something is open for a period of time. I use that for all of my exterior doors. I think this would solve what you are looking for. Go to SmartHome Monitor and then select “Configure” to get started.

what are you using to do this… I f using the routines… ie when someone arrives open the garage door … which I do…
have it not fire if house is already in home/stay mode… that way even if phone is off and comes on in the middle of the night it wont open… Only have it fire in away mode…

Of course the drawbacks

  1. if wife is already home garage door wont open

I did this till I fixed the Samsung presence sensor device type with my custom version that does not flip state when you already were in that state… ie no xxx is home when he already was home… thus no garage door opening in the middle of the night.

That way I could add a 2nd routine … larry is home no mode change. that doesn’t check mode and always fires when I drive up…

Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! I tried this and it works flawlessly :slight_smile:

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I just did this within the smart home monitor screen, and now everytime i load the smart home monitor is says “There was an error, please try again” and the screen is blank. Any ideas??