Garage Door App

I just got done installed a NuTone NGD00Z ( and configured with my Smartthings V2 Hub. It was pretty simple to install and get working.

However the thing I can’t find / figure out is how to set it up to automatically close if the door is open for more then say 5 mins. There’s a blog about a SmarthThings Garage door app that has an alert if the door has been open for x amount of time but I can’t find it.

Am I missing something here? Any help would be great, as THIS is the reason I got all of this “stuff”

Well believe I figured it out. Had to load a personal SmartThings App Developer ( then find some of the code shared on Github. Once I loaded that I was able to make a few changes, save, publish then in the app under SmartThings App I saw the + My Apps.

Loaded and blamo! working as I wanted.

Was able to change the code so that after X minutes it would Text / Alert me then close my garage.

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If you have the link to the SmartApp code you’re using from GitHub it might help others who find this thread if you could share the link.

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@Taco hello my brother

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I have done a fairly long write up from nothing to something. I hope this helps others!!

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